Simply put: In Ubuntu I am using KeePassX and in Windows KeePass2. In am not able to export/import passwords from one to another.

I would prefer to use the same database, but I don't really know how.

If there is no possibility to sync the 2, can you recommend another password vault, which is able to sync passwords from 2 OS, using a shared DB.


I am using Ubuntu 12.04 and Win 7.


I have noticed that KeePass2 is available in the Software Center, so I have installed it, and I can successfully open my Win7 database. Now I will migrate my KeePassX passwords. I am seeing now a huge difference in the looks. While KeePassX doesn't exactly have Ubuntu like look&feel, it's 100 times more elegant than the interface KeePass2 comes with. Well, maybe that was my initial decision for installing KeePassX on my Ubuntu machine. I can't remember.

@fossfreedom, please add your comment as a response, so that I can accept it.

Thank for the suggestion

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    interesting question - however, for myself I use keepass2 in both windows and ubuntu running with mono... have you considered that? – fossfreedom Nov 2 '12 at 17:09
  • I haven't considered that option, because for some reason, when I installed keepass on Ubuntu I ended up with keepassX. Didn't bother, and just got used to it. I am seeing now in the Software Center that KeePass2 is there, plus I found the .deb installer on SourceForge. So I am investigating it now. Probably it's the best solution to have KeePass2 on both OS. I think you can add your comment as a response :) – bioShark Nov 2 '12 at 17:15

an alternative...

When dealing with critical data such as passwords I personally prefer keeping the same software and database rather than depending upon some-sort of sync or export/import process.

Fortunately, keepass2 runs very well via Mono - so if you are one of the rare breed who is prepared to host Mono libraries on your computer, then you can install Keepass2 via the Software Center.

keepass2 Install keepass2

This will install all the relevant parts of Mono needed to run Keepass2

enter image description here

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