I have software to run opensim, it requires the terminal window to start, run and shut down.

I have 3 instances of it running in 3 terminal windows, with mysql for the 3 databases. Normally to start each instance I have to open 3 terminal windows, then in each I have to type out the path to the OpenSim.exe file. The commands are like this below but the directory name on the desktop differs for each as there are 3 seperate instances, example for one;

cd Desktop/mexico/bin

mono OpenSim.exe

This is a little pain to type out each time, so I wanted to place 3 icons on the desktop I could just click start each, I thought I had it right with this below but there was an error when the terminal started, and now I remember I forgot to include the mono command but I'm not sure how the syntax should go. This is what I tried, and I saved the file as opensim.desktop and saved it ON the desktop;

[Desktop Entry]
    Comment=Opensim launcher
    Exec= /Desktop/mexico/bin/OpenSim.exe

Where did I go wrong in there and how should I adjust that to make this work? I figure I'll have to make 3 of these and just name them opensim1 2 and 3 and have the 3 icons.


Take a look here.

You'll want to specify Path=~/Desktop/mexico/bin and change the Exec line to Exec=mono OpenSim.exe. There is no need to have multiple shortcuts, one should work. If you want these to act as normal application launchers, you should put them wherever the rest of your .desktop files are located.

  • That was great, I added the Path line and made a few changes and it worked fine. – Jigs Nov 2 '12 at 21:51

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