I am looking for a good publishing tool to write articles. I saw the book "Head First Python" from O'Reily Media and found it really interesting, the way they present things in the book.

I am looking to organize my articles in similar fashion. I am looking for a similar publishing tool in Ubuntu or Windows. I would prefer a open source alternative.

Regards Kiran


Scribus is the most popular open source desktop publishing application, it is available from the software center.

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  • Thanks, I have just started using scibus and I must say looks very promising for my requirement. – Kiran Jan 11 '11 at 18:54

That O'Reilly series of books uses lots of illustration, diagrams and fancy fonts. You need a full-blown DTP application for that - only Scribus comes to mind. Chances are O'Reilly use the proprietary InDesign application. For a full book, Scribus might not be powerful enough (although it is worth a try). Something simpler might be accomplished with OpenOffice.org.

Less graphically complex documents can be typeset with LaTeX. With LaTeX, some things - like good-looking type - are easy, but some other things - like pixel-perfect tables - are hard to get right without lots of programming. This is an example of a whole book with all the tools required to turn it into a PDF ready to go to the press.

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    LaTeX would definitely be my choice. My I think loevborg is overstating difficulties with graphics. The booktabs package makes fine-looking tables, following solid typographical rules. I actually think LaTeX's quality is superior not just to Scribus, but Indesign as well for certain kinds of material (especially technical/scientific/mathematical work, but even its plain text paragraph layout algorithm is easily as good as theirs). – frabjous Jan 11 '11 at 21:17

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