I can't use the nltk wordnet lemmatizer because I can't download the wordnet corpus on my university computer due to access rights issues.

I get the following error when I try to do so:

Resource 'corpora/wordnet' not found. Please use the NLTK Downloader
to obtain the resource: >>> nltk.download() Searched in:
    - '/home/XX/nltk_data'
    - '/usr/share/nltk_data'
    - '/usr/local/share/nltk_data'
    - '/usr/lib/nltk_data'
    - '/usr/local/lib/nltk_data'

When I had the same issue at home, I could resolve it by two ways:

  1. Using nltk.download(), the standard way and
  2. Creating a new folder at location /home/XX/nltk_data and just pasting the corpus directory inside it.

Now at the university I only have access to /home/XX/bin and not /home/XX directly. So is there anyway I could paste the wordnet corpus into /home/XX/bin and then somehow make nltk look for the corpus in that folder?

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import nltk;

Now, nltk.data.path is a list of locations where to search for the modules. You can just do:

nltk.data.path.append("your location/directory");
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    Do we need to do this one time or everytime we run the script?
    – psr
    Sep 8, 2016 at 9:39

It seems that you need to set the environment variable "NLTK_DATA" to tell NLTK where to look. http://nltk.org/data.html


I solved the problems editing the pyinstaller nltk-hook. After much research, I decided to go it alone in the code structure. I solved my problem by commenting on the lines:


'''for p in nltk.data.path: datas.append((p, "nltk_data"))'''

hiddenimports = ["nltk.chunk.named_entity"]

What's more, you need to rename the file: pyi_rth__nltk.cpython-36.pyc to pyi_rth_nltk.cpython-36.pyc . This file have 1 more underline. Warning with the python version.

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