Just started trying out the U1 music streaming service and so far very pleased. The one issue I have that could be a deal-breaker when it comes time to pay up is that half of my collection is OGG Vorbis and I cannot find a way to show album art for OGG files.

I already tried adding a cover.jpg to the folder and embedding the image via easyTAG (works for MP3 but not OGG). Does anybody have a solution besides transcoding them all to MP3? Will this likely be supported in future?


Due to Vorbis not having an official way of embedding album art, we don't currently support it. There are a few different implementations which we may support in the future, but for the time being only mp3's will display album art, I'm sorry.

  • After a little research, I can see the problem. Some older programs (like easyTAG that I used) embed in the comments tag using field named COVERART but the recommendation is to use METADATA_BLOCK_PICTURE (which gstreamer doesn't pick up, and therefore nautilus previews don't work, only for COVERART)... however, it would be nice (and I think simple) to support the use of a cover.jpg or other filename. – Will Daniels Nov 2 '12 at 11:15

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