Removing the package from cache, and disabling Recommended Updates in Software Sources gives me an error saying I need to install this package.

I've tried to update several times, but it keeps hanging on unpacking the ubuntu-sso-client package. Which forces me to hard-reset to unlock the package manager.

I've tried:

sudo dpkg --configure -a

No errors

sudo apt-get upgrade --fix-broken

Wants me to reinstall said package, resulting in it hanging

Removing the package:

sudo rm -f /var/cache/apt/archives/ubuntu-sso-client_1.0.8-0ubuntu1_all.deb 

Results in the same effect, it re-downloads then hangs

I can de-select Recommended Updates but I get error messages when I try to update again:

E: The package ubuntu-sso-client needs to be reinstalled, but I can't find an archive for it.

Which won't let me continue

Finally re-enabling the source, I try to remove ubuntu-sso

sudo apt-get remove ubuntu-sso-client

It removes a bunch of other packages but complains about the package:

dpkg: error processing ubuntu-sso-client (--remove): 
Package is in a very bad inconsistent state - you should 
reinstall it before attempting a removal.

Reinstalling ubuntu-sso-client hangs :(

I'm at my wits end, any ideas? I would be nice to install all the other updates but this one is preventing it.

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Try dpkg --force-help. And let the Force be with you.

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