I accidentally deleted my documents folder in my home directory last sunday. I am desperately trying to recorver it with it content files.

After digging around, I came across a suggestion to use scalpel to help the recorvery, I have tried it, but because I dont have enough space on my hard disk, it fails carving.

I have decided today to use `debugfs`, and again have managed to screw up even more. What happened is - I executed; " 1. lsdel to view all deleted files inodes," " 2. help to see all possible commands."

I saw `undel` which I immediately assumed meant undelete the inode to restore the files so I performed undel on all without jotting them down.


  • Does this means I now can't recorver my files? If that is not the case;
  • Is there a way to recorver the files without using the inodes, or perhaps restore debufs inode history back to where it was previously?!

http://www.linuxforu.com/2011/09/recover-deleted-files-in-linux/ includes Scalpel and two additional applications to recover (undelete) files. Apps are Foremost and Photorec. Photorec has a ncurses-ish UI, so it may be easier to use it (I have not used it before).

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