After the update my bluetooth keyboard works fine with the exception of the Shift, Ctrl, Alt, and win/start keys (oddly the menu key works).

Running xev shows that no event is generated on a keypress. Switching to a wired keyboard works and the keys work which leads me to believe its a bluetooth issue.

I killed and restarted bluetooth and the issue still persists. Even the volume buttons work on it, but not those buttons which I obviously need. Is this a bluetooth issue from the upgrade?


My bluetooth mouse stopped working after the upgrade, it keeps telling me that it is requesting access. I grant it but the pointer stands still. I think the problem is related.

Booting with the old 3.2 kernel makes it work, so I think it's a kernel issue.


Try this workaround, it worked for my mouse:

  • Turn off your keyboard
  • Make the computer forget about the bluetooth device
  • Boot with the old kernel
  • Turn on and pair your keyboard, see if it works OK. If not, this doesn't work for you. If it works:
  • Restart and boot with the new kernel.

I restarted a lot of times before switching kernels, and there was no change. When booted with the old kernel, it started working. Now I can boot with any kernel I want, it works. Strange, but see if it works for you.

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