Earlier today I downgraded the driver for my nvidia 240 GT from version 310 to version 304 using ubuntus "additional drivers" utility. After the install I rebooted but instead of opening unity and allowing me to login it booted into tty1 instead. After using the "startx" command I got the message, "nvidia: API mismatch: the nvidia kernel module has version 310.14, but this nvidia driver component has version 304.43." What can I do to solve this?

Edit: Solved my own problem by purging all nvidia packaged and reinstalling my drivers.



Same thing happend to me. I did the same as above and it solved it.

For less experienced linux users these are the commands to run:

  1. Purge nvidia related stuff:

    sudo apt-get purge nvidia*

  2. Restart machine:

    sudo shutdown -r now

This will get you machine up and running with X again. Now.. you need to pick a driver from the "Additional Drivers" utility built into the system and by that reinstall the drivers to your machine.

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