So I'm trying to restore my backup files with Déjà Dup, however, each time I enter in the correct password, it keeps asking for it over and over again.

This seems to be a bug, and I have found a couple of bug reports already reported on this issue. I am currently using 12.04, it did not also work in 12.10.

Is there any other software that can restore these backups?

  • Where are the backups stored? USB disc? Rackspace? Amazon? – Rinzwind Nov 6 '12 at 8:48

Déjà Dup is a (very useful) frontend to the duplicity command line program.

There are instructions on using it to restore backups on the GNOME wiki:

Apps/DejaDup/Help/Restore/WorstCase - GNOME Wiki!


You can't. You need to reinstall Deja dup manually or google another program to restore your backup.


I think you can reinstall Deja dup and may be you try Back in Time , it's also used in Ubuntu Software Center

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