Does anyone have a driver (or other way to connect to) a Lexmark x4650 wireless network printer?


The x4650 worked perfectly in 10.04. I got printing to work but no luck with the scanner

For printing see this question.

The main instructions are outlined below:

  • Install fixed-lexmark-1.0-1.i386.deb
  • Run:

    sudo chown -Rh root:root /usr/local/lexmark
  • Add printer with cups by going to http://localhost:631 in your web browser and giving your logon username and password as credentials.
  • Give this URL: socket:// (AppSocket/HP JetDirect )
  • Provide a PPD File: /usr/local/lexmark/08zero/etc/lx36-46.ppd (lx36-46.ppd)

Anybody got a fix for the scanner?

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