If I have multiple gedit (for example) windows open, with some of them minimized, and I click on the gedit launcher icon twice, it shows previews of all gedit windows...including the minimized ones.

If I do the same with Chrome, it shows previews for all open Chrome windows, but the Chrome windows that are minimized are just white and don't show the window contents.

How do I fix this?


This seems to be a bug that has already been reported to dev.

You can read the bug-report here:

Minimized Chrome causes blank windows with Unity's Super+W spread function


Workaround is this:

  1. Right-click the area to the right of tabs.
  2. Use System Title Bar and Borders.

Also makes "Close" button appear on Chrome Windows in "Expose" view.


As stated by other commenters it seems like this was a bug in 12.X This is fixed in 13.04. running it right now and it works perfectly.

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