May have started 2 instances of upgrade (to Quivering Quagga - I call it that because my machine is now extinct), stops and hangs halfway through startup.

Always at same point. Can I work out the order of what is loading and work out which service is failing by determining the last successful service to startup?

My Edubuntu graphic logo doesnt show but a character Kubuntu with the 4 rotating dots ..

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We need some log info... You can also try hitting the arrow keys early in the process - that usually brings up the text output from the startup process. If anything seems suspicious in the output, and it says something like Error reading so and so or Could not initialize the thingamabob, then tell us about it.

If that log info can't be accessed, try looking at the end of /var/log/kern.log

To do that, boot up into the live DVD, mount the partition for of your new installation, pop open a terminal, type sudo su, and type tail /media/ubuntu/[insert partition name here]/var/log/kern.log. Tell us what it says.

Also, make sure it's not running a disk check. I've been caught by that one. Is your hard drive light (if you have one) continuously blinking?

  • OK Kern is about 37k lines long even the last startup is over 1000 lines ... there are a few interesting things that happen on the screen. The hdd is not running I have skipped past the disk checks (the main disks are OK). It kept trying during the course of Saturday while I was out and this kept repeating all day in the kern.log: Oct 26 21:28:43 ubuntu-10 kernel: [16676.206105] db2fmcd[5002] general protection ip:7fc9c45036c4 sp:7fff86c44ad0 error:0 in libc-2.15.so[7fc9c4495000+1b5000] Oct 26 21:29:43 ubuntu-10 kernel:... where can I post the file?
    – Asher
    Oct 28, 2012 at 6:21
  • Actually the computer is not dead .. when I CTRL ALT DEL it shuts down gracefully and restarts. I have installed 12.10 as a second installation on another partition, but I really dont want to find all those packages again, reinstall them, configure them ... :(
    – Asher
    Oct 28, 2012 at 6:26

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