Every time i visit a website which supports unity webapp integration, a pop up dialog box out of the 'i' in the address bar appears which gets in my way and distracts me from what I am doing. I do not wish to click the always ignore drop down for every supported webpage, so is there a way to disable this notification box entirely (or even just uninstall webapp integration)?


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Open Firefox>Preference. In the "General" tab you see "prompt integration options for any website". Uncheck it and you're done.

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    This doesn't exist any more in Firefox 38. I've tried NorTicUs dconf fix to see if that will do the job.
    – Scaine
    May 21, 2015 at 8:04

From this site - How do you disable these annoying popups in firefox. Webapps - I saw you can remove WebApps integration in Firefox by going to Edit > Preferences > Desktop Integration > Untick "Prompt integration options for any website".

Or you can do it in Ubuntu preferences: "Alternatively (and for power users!), settings can be tweaked over at dconf > com > canonical > unity > webapps."

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