I have recently installed Ubuntu 12.10 with Xubuntu-package on my ASUS U32U notebook (Radeon HD 6320 GPU).

The issue I have is that more often than not, after the GRUB-select screen I get a black screen, and three times total white lines (kind of) flashes very quickly (with maybe 5 seconds between each flash). I'm not even able to get to the login-screen (nor the Xubuntu loading screen).

At first I thought it was simply me having installed something dumb or messed up some settings, but even after reformatting the partition and installing ubuntu again, the problem remains.

Before I formatted it xfce4's window manager wouldn't start either, but it does now (when I am able to see anything).

I can access the virtual console with Ctrl + Alt + F1, but I can't see anything. I've managed to shutdown the computer by using sudo shutdown -h now


Got exactly the same problem installing Ubuntu 12.10 on an Asus X32U.

The "release notes" suggest that you need to "nomodeset" in the kernel boot options.


This was pretty meaningless to me a few days ago but this brilliant post should help you.... http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132

  • Huh, now the xubuntu loading screen actually shows up (where before there were just a flash of lines), and if I erase the "splash" option in boot I'll instead see a bunch of text rows. The issue remains though, since after that the screen turns black again, now without any flashes (so just a single flash, but where I actually see xubuntu loading). – Jona Ekenberg Oct 30 '12 at 10:32

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