I'm doing the following to mount a remote server to a specific path on my server:

sshfs user@remoteserver.com:/backup/folder/ /home/myuser/server-backups/

However when I mount the server the folder permissions change (they become 700), and when I test my rsnapshot.conf file I get the following error:

snapshot_root /home/myuser/server-backups/ - snapshot_root exists \
         but is not readable

What am I doing wrong ? should I mount the remote server with another user ?


You could try the -o allow_root and -o allow_other options to sshfs.


On the backup server make a directory to put the backups in

mkdir /home/patrick/backups

On your vps

Add your user account to the fuse group

sudo usermod -a -G fuse patrick

Edit the /etc/fuse.conf file and uncomment or add the line


make a mount point for sshfs and connect to it

mkdir /backups

sshfs patrick@backup.tld:/home/patrick/backups /backups -o allow_root

You should now have a /backups directory that you can use rsnapshot with on your vps.


Set this up on Raspberry Pi (admittedly different distro) but I had the same problem with permission denied. -o allow_other added to the end of the mount call worked a treat.

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    Can you please give details on how to do this? – RolandiXor Dec 24 '13 at 1:21

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