I used both ubuntu 12.10 and 12.04 the live cd runs great but when I go to install either one it starts installing then hangs, not sure whats going on but i let it sit over night even and still was on black screen showing ubuntu mouse curser in motion.. but like I said it runs great on live cd, I'm able to use the internet and everything else but it hangs while installing. I'm using a clean hard drive with nothing on it.. is there something Im missing? I tried using usb stick install a


i recommend to boot from live dvd or any device with ubuntu system and re-manage hard drive with gparted application ,as you have clean hard drive try to format it and check for some erorrs

use tutorial to create partitions from here How to install Side by Side Boot on Windows XP or just create partitions like shown in this video its russian but you dont have to understand words just see guy clicking and do

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