I want to install batman-adv to join a mesh network but I don't find it in the repository

apt-cache search batman-adv

Is it possible to install it in Ubuntu?


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You don't need the packet batman-adv since Ubuntu 12.04.

Install the packet

apt-get install batctl bridge-utils


modprobe batman-adv
batctl -v

sais for example:

batctl debian-2011.4.0-2 [batman-adv: 2011.4.0]

(only some versions are compatible)

for example to connect to batman.kiel.freifunk.net on wlan0 with the bssid 02:ca:ff:ee:ba:be
use this script. that will start a mesh network on your computer.

To get back to normal networking just restart the networkmanager:

/etc/init.d/network-manager restart

and remove the node from batman (see script)


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