I burned the image to a dvd and I get to the install screen but it doesn't ask me about installing beside windows. My only choices are to delete windows and loose everything or "Something Else".

Any suggestions?


While Installation choose "Something else" and setup your partitions manually:

and follow

check out tutorial on how to install dual boot system How to install Side by Side Boot on Windows XP

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Yes-go for this manuals

it s usefull cause by defalt ubuntu take all hard space you have but dedicated /home gives you an opportunity to reinstall ubuntu without having to delete files everytime

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This can happen sometimes and I also experienced it before. (I have a bad habit of reinstalling every 2-3 months). This happens because Ubuntu installer couldn't find a good way to give you an option for install beside Windows. But, that doesn't mean you can't install Ubuntu retaining Windows.

Select Something else and try using manual partitioning. I suggest to resize a big partition first to create some free space. And then creating two partition in that free space. Use one for / and another for swap space.

Take a look at these pages for more help.

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