I seem to have a fault in the login procedure somewhere. When I boooted up I found that if I selected Guest I could use the computer. If I selected my administrator account I was taken straight to the terminal. So I opened a guest session, went to user settings, and unlocked my admin account (it accepted the password!), and amended it to show "password None" and automatic login. I now find that when I boot up I am taken straight to the terminal - if I exit terminal I get the login screen - if I select the administrator login I go back to terminal - if i select guest I can use the PC, and if I select mu normal user account I can use the PC. So I cannot login as an administrator - so admin functions such as update are no longer accessible. Sorry to be so long winde but I am stuck.

Can anyone suggest anything - I am a beginner with this

  • Please make sure that your session type is "Ubuntu" before logging in. – jorgehsrama Oct 22 '12 at 11:00

What you could try to do is to create a new admin user from terminal. Then, once you are sure that the new account works properly, delete the old admin account.

Here's how:

adduser <username> admin
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