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Login screen won’t accept my password

User switching wasn't working on my 12.04 LTS desktop (just dropped me to TTY8 with a blinking cursor) so I tried to manually start a second X session by logging in to TTY6 and running startx -- :1. This didn't work either, and my machine locked up.

Now when I try to log in as the second user from LightDM, X instantly crashes and I'm thrown back to the login screen. Other accounts on the machine work fine, and it happens for every desktop environment.

I've had a poke around in my home directory, but I can't see anything obvious to change/delete to get it working again. Can anyone advise please?

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It turns out that the file ~/.Xauthority for the problematic user had changed owership, and was owned by root.

sudo chown user:user ~/.Xauthority changed the ownership back to the original user. After that, I could log in without a problem.

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