I installed Ubuntu by choosing the option "Something else" at the step called "Allocate drive space" of the installer. Then I created my own partition table.

Now that Ubuntu is installed, can I check whether I am using LVM for my volumes ? In particular, can I see it in GParted Partition Editor ?

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You should see it in Gparted. You can also just check your fstab file:

cat /etc/fstab

Watch the line with your root filesystem. Three possibilities here:

  1. If the line starts with UUID=xyz, this means it's a physical partition.
  2. If the line starst with /dev/sdaX, it also means it's a physical partition.
  3. The indicator for LVM would be something with /dev/mapper/xyz.

Just wanted to leave this here for people searching in the future.

You can get LV information by using the lvdisplay command. If you have any logical volumes they will appear as such as well as additional information about that volume such as the path, logical volume name, volume group name, size, etc.

If you have not setup a an LVM then lvdisplay won't be installed or it won't be able to find lvmetad.socket

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In particular, can I see it in GParted Partition Editor ?

Yes, you can also see it with GParted.

enter image description here

LVs will show up as a "lvm2 pv" File System.
It will also have a "lvm" flag.

On right-click then selecting Information, it will also show:

enter image description here

This is on Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS and GParted 0.30.0.


I check both /etc/fstab and the current mounts.

if  grep -Pq '/dev/(mapper/|disk/by-id/dm)' /etc/fstab  ||  mount | grep -q /dev/mapper/
    echo "LVM is in use"

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