Ah, recently, I've been unable to login to my main master account, as it would return me to the login screen after entering my password. Thinking I could just delete the account and make a new one, I logged in via the guest account, went to 'User Accounts' and authenticated with the main account's password. I was successfully able to delete the account, and create a new one. Once I returned to the login screen to log in with my new account, it asked for a password, though I hadn't set one. The old password does not work either. I returned to the guest account, went to 'User Accounts', to see that the Password field shows "Account Disabled" for my new account. Since I deleted my old account, I am unable to authenticate with the master password. I cannot add, change, or delete any accounts - nor can I login to it. Don't know what to do from here.

EDIT: Also, I tried changing to the textual login screen with Ctrl + Alt + F2, but my monitor reads "Input signal out of range - change settings to 1600x1050" or something to that effect.

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  1. Boot into Recovery mode and choose "root" from the menu.
  2. Give write access to the root filesystem by executing

    mount -o remount,rw /
  3. Create a new user with this command:

    useradd testuser
  4. Press Ctrl-D, choose to resume booting from the menu and log in with your new user.

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