It would be informative to know in real-time the swap activity (number of reads and writes per minute or similar measure). I intend to use it with conky.

I can gather similar statistics by vmstat or agregate output of iotop. Unfortunately I cannot learn about the activity specifically on each swap device. The swapon command doesn't provide such answer and neither do /proc/swaps.

(I use zram swap, so the moment when swapping occurs is not immediately obvious. And since zram swap makes penalty for cpu I would like to know if it happens when I start long computations. )


I had to google the answer but the tool you need would be vmstat, example usage:

vmstat 5

Would print out data with updates every 5 seconds, change the 5 to suit to get information on the meaning of the columns of data it prints take a look at the manual page.

man vmstat

In your case it is probably si and so which will be of interest si=swap-ins and so=swap-outs, you can also view some stats including some counters since boot with with -s option.

  • Thank you. +1 for your effort. Unfortunately, AFAIK it doesn't show the swap statistics separately for each device. – Adam Ryczkowski Oct 29 '12 at 15:15

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