Usually I use ping to check my internet connection. In windows, if I use:

ping google.com

I get only 4 information ping, but on Ubuntu, if I use that command, the ping can' stop until I stop it with Ctrl+C. Can I ping only for 4 times then stopped? If I can, can I use it as default?

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    Nearly every command (including ping) in Linux comes with extensive manuals: 1. Its help text: ping --help and 2. Its manual page: man ping – jippie Oct 14 '12 at 14:31

As Olive Twist already answered, ping -c 4 google.com will do it.

If you want to make this as a default, one way is to create an alias for ping with:

alias ping='ping -c 4'

Save it to your ~/.bashrc file to make it permanent or it will last only for the current terminal session.

  • +1 for the alias. I was thinking about a system wide settings. Yours is a nice solution – Anwar Oct 14 '12 at 14:28

Yes, you can. You need to use -c option to tell the ping to do this, like

ping -c 4 google.com

The -c option tells ping program to stop after sending (or receiving ) specified number of ECHO_RESPONSE packets.

See the ping manual page for details.


When you want to ping with IP, type:

ping -c 4 

(remember to put a space between your number -c 4 and the IP address!

Some will think:

 ping -c 4 (WRONG)
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    ping -c 4 is NOT wrong. – Pilot6 Feb 4 '16 at 16:36

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