Is there any program that shows all hardware (e.g. Graphic card NVIDIA GeForce 9600GT, Network card, and so on) on your computer?


There are a couple of command line programs that give you this kind of information, you could try lshw and lspci.
For a GUI that nicely displays information from these and other sources, try hardinfo Install hardinfo.

alt text

It will appear in the applications menu under System > System Profiler and Benchmarks.
As the name suggests, it also offers some benchmarks ;)


Sounds like you're looking for lspci. It's not all hardware; but it is the ones you listed and it's usually the one I want.

(lshw also exists, although I'm not sure if it's installed by default. It's usually more info than I want)


The old school method that I use is to type dmesg at the prompt. It will show you the last startup log of the Linux system.


Find Hardware Specs (Details) on your Computer

I stumbled upon the nifty “lshw” tool today. lshw lists your hardware. Try it now:

sudo lshw

You can get specific details by using the -C flag:

sudo lshw -C disk

will list all you hard disks.

It can create a html page with your hardware details if you do:

sudo lshw -html > your-file-name.html

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