I have an encrypted loopback volume. I need to mount and umount the volume manually, so I use cryptsetup luksOpen and cryptsetup luksClose .

However, under all sessions (gnome/xfce/kde/unity), when I invoke this command it pops up the /dev/mapper device ...

And then it lets the one user mount (with password), access files, and unmount the volume.

It's quite annoying in a multi user server (you are working on your files and the volume is being unmounted). I want the volume to be owned and used by only root and the owner and not all users.

How can I define ownership and permission on the device ?

More informations :

  • I've tried chown and chmod approach witch gives nothing.
  • Cryptsetup doesn't have any options that let you do that.
  • crypttab auto mount the filesystem on boot witch is unwanted (only manual mount)

The permissions that cryptsetup put in the /dev/mapper/MyEncryptedVolume is owner root:root but with lrwxrwxrwx

whatever I do (like a chmod) won't do anything.

It's a device (/dev/mapper/MyEncryptedVolume) that is linked to /dev/dm-0 with rights brw-rw----

I've changed the rights of /dev/dm-0 with udev rule but nothing change : the volume is still shown to normal users due to the symbolic link.

Thank you

  • Ok My trouble wasn't with Cryptsetup but with losetup. However the udev rules had an impact for owner and permission. Going to post the answer to this question soon. – Antoine Rodriguez Oct 15 '12 at 9:00

The reality is that Cryptsetup uses Loop devices / Losetup in order to mount a loopback file to /dev/mapper/MyEncryptedVolume.

udev can resolve the situation.

There is two options : let cryptsetup choose the loopdevice or dedicate a loop device for this.

I chose the second part.

In this example I use /dev/loop5

  1. Create a file named 99-myspecial.rules into the folder /etc/udev/rules.d/
  2. insert this :


    This tells udisk (witch is the real trouble maker in that situation) to ignore the volume, to hide the icon, that the volume is not ejectable (aka it's not a cdrom). You also specify that only one user can access to that volume.

  3. Then Restart udev service

  4. Then I link the loop device like this :

    losetup /folder/myflatfile.img /dev/loop5

And then I use cryptsetup as I want with the loop device as source.

Hopes that helps someone more than me.

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