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What mass file renaming tools are available?

ATM I am forced to use freeware in Windows to rename SOME Linux data files. Linux also creates files like "Filename.ext" as being different to "filename.ext", and !@#$hg".ext ... which cannot be recognized by Windows.

"pyrenamer" ... mentioned in another answer cannot auto-rename more than the one immediate folder. I use Ubuntu, not ARCH linux, because I am not CLI. Despite some answers here (designed by and for CLI programmers), how can Ubuntu GUI (not CLI) do file renaming?

BTY: in ONE folder only, THUNAR is far better than silly pyrenamer. But Thunar cannot auto-rename recursively.

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    @January In my opinion the questions isn't a duplicate. This question has specific requirement, it is not a generic question looking for a file renaming tool – Anwar Oct 9 '12 at 8:49