I'd really like to use Alt+Q to close windows as it fits with my Mac-like muscle memory. However, I can't get this combination to work.

I've changed it in the Keyboard settings under shortcuts and also changed all the instances of close window I can find in gconf editor.

I'm using cinnamon and my alt key works for all manner of other things (like switching windows).

Any help greatly appreciated.


press and hold the super key to check if Closes Current Window is bound to ALT+Q

If you can see your shortcut set there, try to disable compiz shortcuts

  • I'm not using compiz and holding down <kbd>super</kbd> does nothing. I can try this on a vanilla install though (but I don't think it works). I saw somewhere that it could be because <kbd>ALT</kbd> doesn't send escape sequences but that sounds a little odd. – sjbx Oct 12 '12 at 14:20

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