I'd really like to use Alt+Q to close windows as it fits with my Mac-like muscle memory. However, I can't get this combination to work.

I've changed it in the Keyboard settings under shortcuts and also changed all the instances of close window I can find in gconf editor.

I'm using cinnamon and my alt key works for all manner of other things (like switching windows).

Any help greatly appreciated.

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press and hold the super key to check if Closes Current Window is bound to ALT+Q

If you can see your shortcut set there, try to disable compiz shortcuts

  • I'm not using compiz and holding down <kbd>super</kbd> does nothing. I can try this on a vanilla install though (but I don't think it works). I saw somewhere that it could be because <kbd>ALT</kbd> doesn't send escape sequences but that sounds a little odd.
    – sjbx
    Oct 12, 2012 at 14:20

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