How can I stop the behaviour that when I put my cursor over the title bar and then turn my mouse wheel, the window gets rolled in?
It is really annoying and happens accidentally quite often.

enter image description here


I finally found a solution:

  1. Open the xfce4-settings-editor via terminal
  2. Click xfwm4 / general / mousewheel_rollup and uncheck the enable box

enter image description here

Thats it :)

  • Thank you sir, you saved my day (very annoying behavior indeed). – Benito Feb 6 '17 at 17:24

Rolling seems to be enabled by default still in Xubuntu 18.04. Here's the setting:

enter image description here


The recent xfwm4 4.11.1 development release (hence the upcoming Xfce 4.12) will contain the following:

  • Add tweak setting to toggle roll up feature (bug #10563).
  • Disable roll up feature by default (bug #10563).

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