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I tried checking anything related to web apps in System Settings like the "Online Accounts" but I could not find anything that listed the webapps I have enabled.

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    @CutieKrait - At the time of this question, webapps had several features that kept adding up. The question at the time was relevant for a problem users had when they started accumulating several webapps (Which appeared in the launcher). For your question, it is more of a feature request for a file manager (Which made it off-topic) but I see you accepted an answer that involved a terminal way. Since this is acceptable, it simply means you are not just looking for a file manager but any way of doing the highlight. In any case, My question is a dupe yours is not off-topic. – Luis Alvarado May 6 '13 at 12:31

There isn't a dedicated GUI, but as a workaround, you can use dconf-editor to see the websites you've enabled webapps for.

This is described in more detail in a previous answer.


They are normal packages, simply search for unity-webapps in Software Center (or Synaptics). Note that they might appear as "hidden technical items" in the bottom in software Center.

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