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Send messages between 2 Ubuntu PCs (Net Send Style)

In the microsoft universe you can do funny things with the net send command. According to this I have two questions regarding the ubuntu side of things:

  1. Is there a similar service for sending messages between linux systems?
  2. Is there a service that allows you to send messages from within linux to a windows PC implementing the net send protocol?

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The answer for the first question is here

Apart from this you use services like

  • talk
  • mesg
  • write
  • wall

For second part of question

You can use smbclient

smbclient -M hostname

then type in your message and press Ctrl+D to end


I think empathy is the right tool for sending messages around ubuntu network users without any additional infrastructure and configuration. I mean the People Nearby.

try to open empathy from dash and tell me if you liked it


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