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What are some good PHP editors?

i have seen through other questions on the topic but most are a bit old. I looking for a good editor for developing on PHP in Linux(ubuntu). Here is my requirements

  1. Basic editor features
  2. Free
  3. Light-Weight
  4. Syntax highlighting
  5. Code Folding (class,function,if/else/while/foreach block)
  6. Code completion
  7. Invalid Syntax/Error highlighting as you type
  8. Auto code intending
  9. Snippet support(pieces of custom or language specific codes that i can insert)
  10. Extendable support

It would be great if it had the following

  1. Debugging support
  3. Code formatting
  4. Framework support(cakephp/yii/zend/smarty)
  5. Testing support
  6. Todo
  7. Native look and feel(Gnome)
  8. Flex/ROR support is welcome but not a requirement
  9. Mysql support

I have tried the following editors

  1. Netbeans - it bloated, resource hogging and doesnt not have a native look and feel.
  2. Eclipse is okay but i cant fold if/while blocks and slow.
  3. Gedit can be extended and i have tried it but still i could not fold code or show error.

I currently use Geany but it doesn't inform me of syntax errors as i type. If you have ways to solve the problems with above editors they too are also welcome


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