I am in Pakistan and YouTube is blocked here. I want to take the Lecture videos from YouTube. In Windows, I was using Hotspotshield to bypass the proxy.

But now, using Ubuntu, I don't know how to bypass the proxy. I found some where that i can bypass the proxy by using putty software. Can you guide me how can I bypass proxy by that? I tried, but I was not able to do so. Kindly tell me some easy method to bypass proxy. I don't want to used websites like accesstoblockedsites.com.



You will be hard-pressed to find good free proxy and VPN services. That's because at its core, no free service can truly be free. In one form or another there will always be some form of a business model behind it. And in the case of free proxy networks and VPNs the provider's income might fully well depend on selling your data to third parties. So please be wary when using the services below.

You could use a free VPN service like this one. It's pretty easy to set up:

  • Open Network Manager – From the desktop click on the Network Manager icon in the top right hand corner, click on VPN Connections and
    Configure VPN. If you can’t see the Network Manager icon, you can
    open network manager by clicking on System > Preferences > Network
    Configuration and then click on the VPN tab.

  • Add VPN connection – When the VPN Connection window is displayed, click on Add to create the new connection.

  • Choose the connection type – Ensure the connection type is PPTP and click Create. Enter VPN Account Details – For gateway enter
    “xx.justfreevpn.com” as the VPN server name. In the Connection name
    field, enter “xx.justfreevpn.com” as the new connection name. Enter
    VPN username and VPN password too.

  • Advanced Settings – Select both MSCHAP and MSCHAPv2 options. Check the box labeled Use Point to Point encryption (MPPE) and then click
    OK. Click OK again to save the VPN connection.

  • Connect to the VPN – Now start the VPN connection by clicking on the Network Manager Icon again, select VPN Connections and click on the new connection you have created.

  • You’re connected! – The Network Manager icon should now have a little padlock icon on it to indicate that the VPN is now connected.

Source: http://www.justfreevpn.com/how-to-setup-free-vpn/

A comparison of paid VPN services and their privacy policies may be found here

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    You are welcome, mate. I just hope the governments of the world will one day learn that censoring the internet makes no sense. – Glutanimate Oct 4 '12 at 1:02
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    This is great, but I coyuldn't find out who are the people behind this service... or why they do provide the service... or any statement about their privacy policy... Any info ? – alci Jan 13 '13 at 8:10
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    Couldn't find any official privacy policy but this forum post makes it quite clear that you should be careful when using ths VPN as any illegal activity (probably illegal as defined by the jurisdiction of the country the VPN servers are located in) could get reported to the authorities. As for account details, etc., just make sure that you are connected through HTTPS. You can force HTTPS connections with this addon by the EFF. – Glutanimate Jan 13 '13 at 9:55

You can also use Quasi Network.

It works pretty fine from Pakistan. There are Ubuntu packages as well.


Here are a few free VPN sites:



Sometimes one or the another other will become slow. Probably because of too much traffic, then just jump to another.


If you looking for proxy site that's allow steaming videos and unblock youtube.Check out following sites.Video loading and buffering time is excellent on these sites!

  1. http://topyoutubeproxy.info/
  2. http://domainunblocker.com/

Use This Sites To Open all block sites.



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