I want to connect my laptop (Toshiba i5 with ATI drivers, I have proprietary ones installed) to my Sony KDL-32V2000 TV, which has a 1366x768 resolution.

The resolution of my laptop is also 1366x768. However, when I put the HDMI cable inside the laptop, the resolution of the laptop AND the TV switches to 1280x720.

From the Display settings, I have the "mirror displays" box ticked. There's no 1366x768 option in the resolution dropdown menu. How can I solve it?

Why are there these kinds of problems? I have read quite some questions about HDMI and external monitors problems. On Windows 7, I plug in the HDMI cable and it works. Why isn't this the case for Ubuntu (12.04) that I'm using?

  • have you looked for and/or used any other drivers? – jon_darkstar Oct 2 '12 at 15:35
  • Yes, the open source drivers. Things are even worse with them, I can't even connect to the external monitor :) – Minas Mina Oct 2 '12 at 16:36

I have similar issues - see Display resolution problem with Sony TV and Intel integrated graphics. I think that there is something strange about this particular TV. I set the correct resolution using cvt and xrandr so the computer was set at the native resolution of the TV and I got a black screen. At 1920x1080 the edges are cut off. I think it is a TV issue, hopefully someone has a workaround

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