I wanted to download a gallery of .jpg file from the Internet. The website suggested the DirectDownloader program to be installed to be able to download this gallery.

I could install the DirectDownloader (DD) but it seems to be a kind of a bug. There is no use for this program, only big problems arises because it cannot run on Ubuntu. Also the Software Center does not work anymore, a blank window comes up whenever I try to launch it.

How can I

  • Get rid of DirectDownloader?
  • Activate Software Center again?

Please help.

  • It would help, if you posted a link to the site where you downloaded DirectDownloader from. Was it a debian package or some other format? Did it require root privileges to install? – soulsource Sep 30 '12 at 12:47
  • Dear Soulsource ! – Gorog Imre Sep 30 '12 at 17:35
  • Thank you very much it is kind of you wasting your time ! – Gorog Imre Sep 30 '12 at 17:38
  • I restarted my laptop and Software center worked again but the Directdownlouder was still here ! – Gorog Imre Sep 30 '12 at 17:42
  • I restarted my laptop and Software center worked again but the Directdownlouder was still here! The site : [Directdownlouder]www.directdownloader.com and the current version v.3.032 and sometimes comes a message in a popup : the Directdownloader encountered a serious problem ..the program must close ! what shell I do after that ? I have no idea ! – Gorog Imre Sep 30 '12 at 17:56

Since I only find a Windows version on that site, I assume you used wine to install it. You can try to use the wine uninstaller, by running (in a terminal emulator or in the run-dialogue - ALT+F2)

wine uninstaller

That should bring up a dialogue similar to the one used uninstall software in older versions of Windows. You should be able to uninstall the program that way. This will probably not remove the icons from the menus though, nevertheless they should stop working after uninstalling direcdownloader. For me, to remove the icons, it was enough to try to start direct downloader after uninstalling it. If that doesn't work for you, you can remove them manually. You can either use a program named alacarte (in the menus it's listed as Gnome-Main-Menu or something like that, if it's not installed, you can find it in software center by searching for alacarte.), or navigate to the hidden folder .local/share/applications in your home-directory and look for files named wine-Programs-DirectDownloader-DirectDownloader.desktop or similar and check the wine subdirectory.

If this however does not work for you and you are certain that you used wine to install directdownloader, you can try to delete all installed windows programs by deleting the hidden .wine-folder in you home directory. As said, this will remove all windows programs, so I'd only consider it a last resort, as long as any other windows-software additional to directdownloader is installed. Also, this will not remove the icons from the menus, you'll have to delete them manually (see above).

I must confess that I only tried this partially, for I'm not using the default desktop and therefore don't know how exactly it affects Ubuntu. If it also puts itself in autostart, the default directory for this would be the hidden .config/autostart-folder in your home directory.

  • Dear Soulsource ! Many thanks for your help !It was very usefull that you advised me ! – Gorog Imre Oct 2 '12 at 9:03
  • I found wine uninstall and as I opened this program I found in its list the Directdoanloader program but to uninstall this program I could not achieve that . The Directdownloader sent a popup that a serious problem came and stayed on my laptop .But there is a good thing : In the list of wine uninstaller I found an older program named :Expressdownloader which I wanted to erase as well . And I was able to uninstall this program totally !! :))) I could uninstall Directdownloader succsessfully navigating in the hidden folder .local/share/applications in my home-directory !But icon still here! – Gorog Imre Oct 2 '12 at 10:11
  • I found interesting lines in .wine and here in two files in system.reg and in user.reg : – Gorog Imre Oct 2 '12 at 12:45
  • system.reg : [Software\\Classes\\Applications\\DirectDownloader.exe] 1348959171 @="" [Software\\Classes\\Applications\\DirectDownloader.exe\\shell] 1348959171 @="open" [Software\\Classes\\Applications\\DirectDownloader.exe\\shell\\open\\command] 1348959171 @="C:\\users\\imre\\Local Settings\\Application Data\\DirectDownloader\\directdownloader.exe run \"%1\"" [Software\\Classes\\ATL.Registrar] 1345981777 @="Registrar Class" – Gorog Imre Oct 2 '12 at 12:46
  • user.reg : [Software\\Wine\\MenuFiles] 1349168378 "/home/imre/.config/menus/applications-merged/wine-Programs-DirectDownloader-DirectDownloader.menu"="/home/imre/.wine/dosdevices/c:/users/imre/Start Menu/Programs/DirectDownloader/DirectDownloader.lnk" "/home/imre/.config/menus/applications-merged/wine-Programs-DirectDownloader-Uninstall Program.menu"="/home/imre/.wine/dosdevices/c:/users/imre/Start Menu/Programs/DirectDownloader/Uninstall Program.lnk" – Gorog Imre Oct 2 '12 at 12:49

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