When I navigate to Launchpad in Firefox, a pop-up appears:

integration script available unity-webapps-launchpad

I think, despite its failure to form a coherent question, it's trying to ask me if I want to install an "integration script" called "unity-webapps-launchpad".

Sadly, it does not provide me with enough information to make an informed decision, nor does it refer me to a source where I can learn more about it. The top result in my web searches on the topic is my own bug report. While this cyclical phenomenon provides a brief source of amusement, it is ultimately unhelpful. So, once again, I've come to Ask Ubuntu for a nudge in the right direction.

What is this thing?


An integration script is a JavaScript browser extension that facilitates integration of a specific web application with Unity via the WebApps feature introduced in Ubuntu 12.10.

This prompt is generated by the Unity Desktop Integration browser extension when a package providing an integration script is available in Ubuntu's repositories but is not installed. The prompt's wording will likely be improved in the future.

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