I installed apache2 on my local machine, and when typing which apache2 it returns:


And when trying setting path for apache2 by using the following command:

sudo apache2 -settingpath /usr/sbin/apache2

It failed! It failed because whenever I restart apache2 using apache2 restart, I always receive error message telling me that I used the wrong user id.

So could you help me set path for Apache http server on Ubuntu 12.04?


The Default path for apache is /var/wwww.

You can change it by Configuring


file. You can find it in


  • Hi Ketan Patel. Thank you for your answer. However, I want to configure the path to start apache. That is to say, I can simply type: apache2 restart, instead of /etc/init.d/apache2 restart. – petwho Sep 27 '12 at 7:05

I think you are looking to use the -k restart thus

sudo apache2 -k restart

To which you will be prompted for your password with which you log in.

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