Ubuntu 12.04 promised to add a brand new startup sound : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgAj_gJ-TXA.

But its not there in the final release. There's no sound at all! I now know how to restore the old sounds back thanks to this question : How to add the old startup sound (not login sound)?

But my question is, how to add the new (or any other custom) startup sound to Ubuntu?


You should try using the same command as in the answer you linked to, but use the --file flag instead of the --id flag. Like this:

/usr/bin/canberra-gtk-play --file="/PATH/TO/FILE"

That should allow you to play whatever sound you would like for your startup sound. I believe it must be .ogg format however.


Use aplay.

aplay /path/to/file or Install sox and use the play command play path/to/file, add it to a script and add the script to the Startup applications.

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