I have many video clips with different formats and I want to create a short movies by joining them. Most of the clips are taken with Nokia N8 and Lumia 800. I am using Ubuntu, I have tried many of editors but I can not edit/video clips due to different video formats. Which open source editor should I use to achieve following tasks:

  • Join different vidoe formats/encoding to produce on single movie
  • Export to different formats (.avi, youtube, etc)
  • Add texts on the clips and insert images

I don't want to install and try many of them.


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You could try OpenShot, which has also got some 3D Blender animations for titles, but it can be a bit frustrating. Other user-friendly options are PiTiVI and Kdenlive. As far as I've used them, you can easily join clips, insert text and images and export videos to different formats. There is a list of open-source editing software on Wikipedia.

Within a few months Lightworks, a very professional editor, should be available for Ubuntu.

edit: Lightworks is now available for Ubuntu


I would recommend OpenShot. This blog post talks about it a little. It is able to use various video file types to create a small movie.


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    Oh.. No. I would not suggest this app.
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