I have this strange thing I am trying to do, so before I jump into it I was curious if someone knows about existing solution or maybe have an advice as far as implementation.

I run a small software company and as it happens I often do very different type of work. When I do coding for Java project I need Eclipse running and maybe VM with something like ActiveMQ server or whatever, plus terminals to tail -F log files specific to the application, etc. When I do something like weekly progress review with my team I need a few browser windows open and a gedit to take notes and so on.

Depending on the type of work I am doing I generally have all of the related apps open in multiple different Workspaces. So in the example above Eclipse would be open in Workspace 1, terminals would be sharing Workspace 2 and so on.

What I am trying to do is to automate opening of all these applications, positinoning them on the screen and assigning them to proper Workspaces. My current idea consists of having a Shell script that launches specific apps depending on what type of work I am about to start doing.

Is there anything to aid this type of automation? Or is my only option is just a shell scripting at this point?

My current system is Ubuntu 10.04


Couple of Quick suggestions

autokey based on autohotkey for windows


or Sikuli from some people with large heads at MIT


Not sure whether either of these is what you are looking for but they are the easiest for automating gui related tasks in Ubuntu at the mo


There is a little application in Ubuntu repositories designed to do exactly what you want. It is called devilspie.

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