I've installed Ubuntu 10.04 with dual boot to Windows XP. I put it on auto-update. It was updating grub and after a restart all it says is;

error:no such device: <hex number>

With a grub rescue prompt.

I'm in panic mode right now as it's my mother's office computer and it might have some serious repercussions for her tomorrow. What should I do?

Update: It appears that the partition structure has been corrupted since it only displays (hd0) on ls


My guess is that the upgrade messed the mbr (was it an upgrade from 1.9x grub to 2.0?)

You can try restoring grub it using a livecd:


I didn't understand how you came up to conclusion that your hard drive partitions has been corrupted? can you try access the drives using the livecd?


Parted Magic has some tools for partition recovery. If that doesn't work, you might be able to rescue the files directly with this, although I haven't used it.

  • I can't download 147 MB plus, right now. Is there something I can do with a live CD? – Anna Dec 29 '10 at 19:15

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