I just installed Ubuntu 12.04.1 yesterday, and I'm happy with how it's working. I think I installed it as a dual system though, because Ubuntu and Vista shows up when the system boots up.

I installed Ubuntu using WUBI. I do not want Vista on my computer anymore. Is there a way to delete it without corrupting my laptop?


You can't delete Vista right now because you installed it using wubi.

If you want to keep only Ubuntu, you will have to reinstall Ubuntu.

First make a bootable disk or USB. Then boot from that. And select erase Vista when choosing installation option.


If I were in your shoes, I would back up the files I would want to keep, and then I would proceed with a full installation of Ubuntu.

This time though, you should not use WUBI. Make sure you have a bootable Ubuntu Disk, or a bootable USB flash drive (you can make one with unetbootin). Then make sure you follow the guide available here and opt to format the hard drive when given the choice.


Hi and welcome to Ubuntu.

As pointed in Deepak's answer you have to reinstall the system in order to completely erase MS Vista.

All the guided steps to download, burn, and install can be found at Ubuntu web site. And here you have the guide to burn the image into a USB from Ubuntu and from Windows

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