I would like to know the command (from the Terminal) which opens the Unity dash, the reason being I want to create a desktop icon that starts the dash instead of the 'Windows Key' for keyboard-free use of the computer (I miss the old Ubuntu-Tweak effect where putting your mouse to the corner of the desktop would reveal Expo or Scale effects - by the way, is it possible to get it back?)

Making a launcher (Application, Name, Command, Comment, etc) I tried the commands 'Unity', 'Dash' and other things, but I didn't manage to get it to work.

I am using version 12.04

  • This is quite simple using xdotool -- a small command-line utility which automates keyboard and mouse clicks/movements; install it with sudo apt-get install xdotool
  • In your .desktop shortcut, simply set the Exec line as:

    Exec=xdotool key --clearmodifiers Super

Install the package xdotool (sudo apt-get install xdotool) and use

xdotool key super

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