I want an app icon for smart git.

I can create one on my desktop with

$ gnome-desktop-item-edit ~/ --create-new

enter image description here

and selecting the smartgit.sh app. That works for an icon on the desktop.

How can I move that icon / create a new one in my applications toolbar (so not just on the desktop)?

In my case that is the Unity applications toolbar (which I've moved to the left).

I've tried dragging and dropping it there but it didn't work.

I can make it appear in the dash home by adding an entry this way New App doesn't appear in Unity dash but I still can't move it to be an app icon in the apps toolbar.

enter image description here


Just move the .desktop file you have created to ~/.local/share/applications.

After that the application should appear in the dash search results when you search for an associated keyword (name, comment, etc.). From there just drag and drop it to the launcher like you would do with any other application.

In the future you might want to consider editing the main menu directly. You can do so with a menu editor like alacarte or menulibre:

sudo apt-get install menulibre


sudo apt-get install alacarte

Alternatively you can configure the create a launcher dialogue to directly save the new launchers in the right directory:

gnome-desktop-item-edit ~/.local/share/applications --create-new
  • There's no applications folder under my ~/.local/share folder. I'm on a brand new installation, what to do? – Not Amused Oct 5 '12 at 9:19
  • Just create it yourself. The system will recognize any .desktop files in that location as application launchers. – Glutanimate Oct 5 '12 at 10:44

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