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There's an issue with an Alpha/Beta Release of Ubuntu, what should I do?
notify-osd and dual monitors

First thing I fix generally on Ubuntu was the notify-osd in recent releases - it really irritates me that on a dual-monitor, it shows up to the right. I just dual booted it along side kubuntu and found this still to be the case

Why is it that there's been a PPA to fix/patch notify-osd for years, but it's still not something added to notify-osd out-of-the-box?

Further edit below for the daft commentary and the obvious support for it... hopefully it'll get a few (constructive) answers and less comments.

I have a dual-monitor setup, 2x 24" 1080p monitors. When I work on the left-side of the left monitor, the notifications appear on the top right of the right-hand monitor. That's literally outside my field of view, as my monitor is only about 1.5 ft away from my eyes, and the distance from where my focus is to where the notification appears is over 3 feet.



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