When I click on DashHome then click on the questionmark, It brings up the help system. However when I enter a command to search on it tells me this does not exist. From what I understand the engine is YELP and is suppose to search everything including the man pages. However, I can't get it to find anything. I tried to install the yelp package but it tells me the one that is installed is the latest version. Am I doing something wrong?

Everything I read says hitting the F1 key is suppose to bring up yelp but Thanks in advance.



Interesting. I think this is either a bug, or a mess up. Yelp is definitely able to bring up man pages if you start it from the terminal like this:

 yelp "man:ls"

Also, if you start yelp for example using F1, then choose Go -> all documents, and type anything in the search box, you will get an error. This seems to be a bug.

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