Have got my Logitech C270 webcam working out of the box for cheese, skype and it's working fine, sound as well. But when I go to a website stream it is looking for my camera here; file/dev/video0 the trouble is everything else is say my webcam is here instead; file/dev/video1 So it works ok on Skype with those settings but other sites are looking for cam in the wrong place? Thanks now for any advice :)


Probably you have a /dev/video0 that's not connected to anything. sudo rm /dev/video0 and then reboot and you should see your device added in the /dev/video0 position; if not check dmesg for clues.

It's also possible that you've used udev to manually assign a video1 number.

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  • I realise this is very old question but there's no flag for "super old question" so I had a go ... – pbhj Nov 18 '18 at 23:12

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