So I looked but im running ubuntu in vm machine and its running at a snails pace and I installed the 64bit ver. Running windows 7 64bit the down side is that I only have 2GB of ram installed.....bummer huh I know the answer is im going to need more ram I just want to confirm... Or is there an tip that I can do change some settings to make it run faster in VM? I just want verification on what steps I can take if any to speed things up?

Thanks Experts!


Yes, you do need more RAM :)

You can try 32-bit version of Ubuntu in the VM (and, as a matter of fact, running 64-bit Win7 on 2Gb of RAM is not totally justified too, but it may be more difiicult to reinstall) See this answer for fancy graphs.

You can also try a lighter variety of Ubuntu, such as Lubuntu or Xubuntu.

You can also try allocating more RAM to your VM, 1Gb being a reasonable minimum.

  • Im going to try to install the 32bit ver on VM, Have not had any issues with Win 7 on 2GB RAM yet but ill be upping it to 4GB with in the next couple of weeks. I have other systems and they run at 8-16GB RAM...but this one im on here is my test pc so I use it for testing and learning. Thanks for all the help! – JBizzle Sep 21 '12 at 0:34

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