I have Apple Lossless songs that I use for my iPod, and Ubuntu sees the files, but does not recognize any information related to the songs. They show up as Unknown Artist, Album, etc.

I have tried converting the songs with Audacity, but even after the conversion, there is still no info about the file information. Ubuntu sees MP3 data just fine, but I want my lossless songs for my iPod. Any ideas?


Try installing the package sox by using the terminal. Open a terminal with Ctrl-Alt-T and use the command:

 sudo apt-get install sox

The description of the packages shows this info:

Format types that can SoX can determine by a filename extension are listed with their names preceded by a dot. Format types that are optionally built into SoX are marked `(optional)'.

.aiff, .aif (also with -t sndfile)
AIFF files as used on old Apple Macs, Apple IIc/IIgs and SGI. SoX's AIFF support does not include multiple audio chunks, or the 8SVX musical instrument description format. AIFF files are multimedia archives and can have multiple audio and picture chunks - you may need a separate archiver to work with them. With Mac OS X, AIFF has been superseded by CAF.

Hope this will fix the problem. You may also try using kid3 package. Download and install it from here

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